Lierac Sebologie Pack Double Repair Serum 2x15ml + Matifying Regulating Gel 40ml

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Lierac Sebologie Pack Double Repairing Serum 2x15ml + Regulating Gel Matifying 40ml is an intensive care pack that corrects installed imperfections.
Composed of: Double repair serum pack, a double retexturizing concentrate of installed imperfections. Reduces hyperseborrhea, corrects installed imperfections and smoothes the skin's texture. Intensive care 24h / 24. Sweet and fresh perfume with notes of velvety peach, grape and maritime wood, leaving a feeling of immediate well-being and purity. Day: Serum-fluid with immediate matifying effect. Night: Fresh serum-gel with immediate purifying effect. And the Matifying Regulating Gel is a gel that allows to give a specific answer to fight against imperfections and against each degree of its development. Astringent zinc gluconate and retinol-like bakuchiol act on the shine and enlarged pores. Salicylic acid, with keratolytic action, acts on pimples and residual marks. Immediately, the skin is mattified. After 28 days, the skin is purified, without drying out, the pimples are corrected and the pores are tightened. This gel with mattifying active texture has an immediate pore-defining effect. A fresh musky scent with notes of grapefruit, cedar and musk for an immediate feeling of well-being and purity. ** Purifying resurfacing is an aesthetic treatment that consists of exfoliating the skin to stimulate its renewal. Pores are constricted; the skin is clean and purified.

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    • Lierac Sebologie Pack Double Repair Serum 2x15ml + Matifying Regulating Gel 40ml